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See descriptions of offerings we provide down below to see what resonates most with your needs. You may also schedule a free consult to see how best we can serve you. 

Somatic Breathwork For Emotional Release

Catharsis & Emotional Freedom (several packages available)

90 minute breathwork sessions

This is a deeply immersive experience that utilizes a unique form of breathing that is designed to simulate a trauma response in the system in a safe space and very safe way. We use it, generally, for somatic, cathartic release of suppressed and repressed emotional wounds and trauma, and more specifically when there are things you may need to work on individually: specific emotions and experiences.

We all carry memories, experiences, and pain in our bodies. Some may not even belong to us, but have been inherited genetically going back 7 to 14+ generations. Although it may not be our fault, it's nonetheless our responsibility to liberate ourselves, our minds, and our bodies from it all.

It requires a tremendous amount of energy and resources from the body to perpetually keep things locked up inside. Releasing trapped emotion releases that energy and allows it to be utilized instead for maintaining and supporting immune functions and overall physical health, in generating new cells, recycling old ones, addressing inflammation in the body, and supporting repair and recovery.

Benefits include alleviating: addiction issues, chronic stress, PTSD, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, grief and loss, childhood trauma, suppressed/repressed emotions, relationship struggles, money blocks, self worth/self love issues, patterns of self sabotage, fears and phobias, limiting beliefs, and much more.

Clients often walk away feeling emotionally lighter, with a release of physical tension and psychosomatic symptoms, a sense of freedom, with insights, inspiration, and with healing that some describe as years of therapy wrapped up into a single session of deep, cathartic, somatic breathwork.

Somatic Breathwork With Coaching Support

(several packages available)

90 minutes breathwork sessions + 60 minute coaching sessions

This is the ultimate opportunity to fully shift and transform things with your health and in your life. We'll be using guided breathwork sessions like those described in the somatic breathwork section to facilitate the release of trapped emotions in the body, along with the memories, experiences, blocks, pain, and compensatory patterns of behavior you developed in response to them that often led to poor health outcomes, self sabotage, chronic stress, anxiety and depression, issues with family, relationships, and jobs and careers.

In addition to freeing the mind and body from stored emotions and trauma, thus creating an environment that facilitates healing and one that allows for recovery and the generation of new cells and overall lowered inflammation, we'll be making sure you receive ongoing support with the various specific circumstances and issues you may be working through individually, while fully supporting the health of the mind, the brain and nervous system, and body as a whole with all the tools, knowledge and methods offered in our coaching programs.    

Emotional freedom. Peace. Joy. Deep healing and deep transformation. That's my commitment to you. 

Emotional Regulation & Life Coaching

(several packages available)

60 minute sessions

Stress and anxiety, alongside chronic physical, mental, and emotional disorders have become all too common in our society.

PTSD, addiction, self sabotage, eating disorders, chronic inflammation and pain in the body, tightness and tension, migraine headaches, a lack of drive and motivation, inability to focus and pay attention, cardiovascular issues, systemic endocrine imbalances, insomnia, and a host of other health complications are very often products of a dysregulated nervous system, trauma, emotional suppression, and an inability to meet with daily life circumstances that seem to overwhelm our system.  

Recognizing that the health of our body is directly and intimately linked with the health and state of our minds and the life circumstances we're experiencing in our partnerships, families, and jobs and careers, we work with you to develop tools and practices to help you better self regulate on a day to day, to build flexibility and resilience in your nervous system to allow you to better meet and adapt to inevitable stresses that life presents, to learn to fully move through all emotional states, including those less desirable ones like anger, grief, and sorrow, and to really allow more joy and peace to enter your life and allowing those to become your more natural default state of being.

In addition to addressing stress management, nervous system regulation and emotional regulation, we'll also support you in making transitions and changes in your life that most support your overall health and state of being along with goals you've set for yourself. 

This is a partnership where our primary focus is you, and supporting you in creating the life that fully aligns with who you are, what you want to do, what you wish to create, and who you wish to be surrounded by.

Life Coaching at NeuroArkitect is about addressing every area and dimension of your life, from health, to work, to family, to greater vision, mission and purpose, and ensuring that you have all the tools you need to live it to the fullest and meet whatever comes your way with grace and ease. 

Nutrition & Health Coaching

(several packages available)

60 minute sessions

With Nutrition and Health Coaching, my intention is to create a supportive process to set priorities, establish goals, provide guidance, education, and accountability, and create individualized action plans which acknowledge and foster self-care.  


Every single body is different and requires different forms of nutrition that support the person, their health, and overall goals. 

Everyone is in a different place and stage of their journey and requires different approaches and modifications. I'm here to meet you where you're at, and implement a plan that works around you as an individual.

In addition to reviewing your current nutritional intake, medical history and current medications and supplements, we're going to assess your lifestyle to get a sense of your current levels of stress, sleep patterns, and levels of physical activity, and offer support in all of those areas.   


Although we are working with nutritional goals, we acknowledge that we can't ever isolate any one thing in the body, and for this reason, we'll be utilizing an approach that incorporates tools and modalities that will really nourish and support every part of you, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

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