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Tom was such an asset in a time of great need for my daughter and my family during the height of the pandemic. When we had nowhere else to turn, he was a godsend. My 13 year old daughter was suffering from insomnia, anxiety and depression in June of 2020 due to feelings of isolation during Covid.

She was reluctant to seek assistance and was shut off emotionally. In addition, we attempted many avenues to get her help but we encountered roadblocks at each turn because of the shutdown.

My daughter saw Tom twice weekly (in-person) for the entire summer. She never hesitated to go. He was able to reach her when no one else could.

Tom also helped me find the best way to approach her so she felt heard and loved. Her mood and behavior changed dramatically. Tom is able to project empathy, understanding and patience to make everyone feel at ease.

I could not offer him a more glowing recommendation, especially given that I am a psychologist and understand how important connection is in order to improve treatment and outcomes.

Stephanie Novick

Tom was the greatest advocate and mentor for our family when we needed someone to step in and help us recalibrate, reflect and just overall CALM DOWN!

His calm and nurturing disposition helped us learn how to balance school life and family life. 

He was able to equip us with tools and strategies that helped us communicate better as a family and learn how to respect each other’s space and privacy. Very easy to talk to and a wonderful listener.

Jennifer Belfiore

Tom has been a huge part of my life. I finally have been able to get all my anxiety in check and can now be completely open and honest with myself. I feel the happiest and healthiest I've ever felt and finally feel as though my brain is no longer clouded.

I went down a loop a few months ago and got really unhealthy and unhappy with myself. But now, I can say I finally feel like I am the person I have always wanted, and was meant, to be.

Dom B.

Tom has gone from my personal 'neuroarkitect' to a close friend of the family. He has helped my son and I realign our focus in our work and personal lives. He instilled healthy mental practices through a positive mental attitude. He is invested in you as a person and his aim is to simply see you progress.

Susan Podbielski

"I just want to thank you again for the way you substantially helped me with the breath-work. I can’t think of the last time I’ve ever been this light and felt free.


My mind is quite clear, and I’m having an easy time with no grudges or anger, which is something I let go of with you. 


In particular, it feels like there absolutely was something lifted from my body and mind...


... I do wish that I gave myself more grace to let out any tears and express a bit more, but in conclusion I am satisfied and way better than I’ve been a while. I’ve even been inspired to be goal-oriented again."

Breathwork Participant

Tom Jasinski is a wonderfully gifted and incredibly intuitive and compassionate breath work teacher and emotional regulation coach. As someone with ADHD and extreme sensitivity, I have always struggled with an overactive nervous system.


Through my work with Tom I have experienced tremendous breakthroughs in my ability to self regulate and to remain calm and present, even while experiencing strong emotions. While I have tried many different practices and modalities over the years in an effort to cope with my strong sensitivities, it is through my work with Tom that I have achieved my greatest success. I can't recommend Tom and his work highly enough.

Mary O'Keeffe

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