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Somatic Breathwork With Coaching Support

Several Packages Offered

  • 1 h 30 min
  • Online Or In Person Depending On Location

Service Description

This is the ultimate opportunity to fully shift and transform things with your health and in your life. We'll be using guided breathwork sessions like those described in the somatic breathwork section to facilitate the release of trapped emotions in the body, along with the memories, experiences, blocks, pain, and compensatory patterns of behavior you developed in response to them that often led to poor health outcomes, self sabotage, chronic stress, anxiety and depression, issues with family, relationships, and jobs and careers. In addition to freeing the mind and body from stored emotions and trauma, thus creating an environment that facilitates healing and one that allows for recovery and the generation of new cells and overall lowered inflammation, we'll be making sure you receive ongoing support with the various specific circumstances and issues you may be working through individually, while fully supporting the health of the mind, the brain and nervous system, and body as a whole with all the tools, knowledge and methods offered in our coaching programs. Emotional freedom. Peace. Joy. Deep healing and deep transformation. That's my commitment to you.

Cancellation Policy

*Important* If you have not done so already, the following Breathwork Waiver And Coaching Agreement must be signed in order to participate. Please read carefully and inform me if any of the potential contraindications apply to you so I can make appropriate modifications and make sure this is truly a safe and healing experience for you. Breathwork Waiver Coaching Agreement

Contact Details


951 Kirkwall Drive, Akron, OH, USA

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