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Available Online

Somatic Breathwork For Emotional Release

Catharsis & Emotional Freedom (Several Packages Offered)

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 175 US dollars
  • Online Or In Person Depending On Location

Service Description

This is a deeply immersive experience that utilizes a unique form of breathing that is designed to simulate a trauma response in the system in a safe space and very safe way. We use it, generally, for somatic, cathartic release of suppressed and repressed emotional wounds and trauma, and more specifically when there are things you may need to work on individually: specific emotions and experiences. We all carry memories, experiences, and pain in our bodies. Some may not even belong to us, but have been inherited genetically going back 7 to 14+ generations. Although it may not be our fault, it's nonetheless our responsibility to liberate ourselves, our minds, and our bodies from it all. It requires a tremendous amount of energy and resources from the body to perpetually keep things locked up inside. Releasing trapped emotion releases that energy and allows it to be utilized instead for maintaining and supporting immune functions and overall physical health, in generating new cells, recycling old ones, addressing inflammation in the body, and supporting repair and recovery. Benefits include alleviating: addiction issues, chronic stress, PTSD, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, grief and loss, childhood trauma, suppressed/repressed emotions, relationship struggles, money blocks, self worth/self love issues, patterns of self sabotage, fears and phobias, limiting beliefs, and much more. Clients often walk away feeling emotionally lighter, with a release of physical tension and psychosomatic symptoms, a sense of freedom, with insights, inspiration, and with healing that some describe as years of therapy wrapped up into a single session of deep, cathartic, somatic breathwork.

Cancellation Policy

*Important* If you have not done so already, the following waiver must be signed in order to participate. Please read carefully and inform me if any of the potential contraindications apply to you so I can make appropriate modifications and make sure this is truly a safe and healing experience for you.

Contact Details


951 Kirkwall Drive, Akron, OH, USA

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