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What does the process look like?

My job is to lay each step out for you as we work together in as doable, actionable, transformative way as possible.

Initial Consult

Your initial consult is intended to determine goals.

We're discussing what you're looking to accomplish and the strategies I would use to help you get there. 

Importantly, it's also absolutely necessary for us to see if we're a good fit for one another! 

Clients I take on need to be ready for change. I'm looking for commitment to transformation because it's your compliance that will wield the greatest degree of change. 

I won't be able to take on everyone and need to make sure that those I do will get the most out of their time spent with me as that's time that could be used helping someone else ready to make change in their health and life.

The degree to which you heal. The degree to which you move beyond internal blocks, wounds, pain, limiting beliefs and dysfunctional patterns. 

The degree to which you thrive... is determined by the quality of my guidance, our teamwork and partnership, and your adherence to the steps we decide on together.   

So we decide to work together!

We've made the decision to work together, great!

Now comes the fun.

First off, we're going to do a very comprehensive intake. 

You'll be receiving an email with forms and questionnaires all designed for me to get a very accurate gauge of 

  • your current state of health, physically, mentally and emotionally 
  • your health and life history 
  • current daily patterns (i.e. food intake, exercise and movement, stress reduction practices, hydration, sleep etc.)
  • and metabolic/hormonal health 

These will help us figure out which areas in your life require the most immediate support.

There's an order to how we address things in order to truly maximize progress, results, and transformation.

For example, if your thyroid and adrenals are not functioning properly, you can diet and exercise as much you want, but see minimal, if any, changes with your physique. 

Equally true, if you have self-limiting patterns of thought and/or self-sabotaging behaviors rooted in emotional wounds and trauma, changes you wish to actualize and realize in your life will fail each time (or you'll revert to your old self shortly after achieving your "goal"). 


Once forms and questionnaires are done...

I'll carefully go over everything you fill out and provide in order to then figure out what we need to prioritize to help you move in the direction you want to, fastest.

With that, we'll schedule our first meeting and get started!


We'll meet weekly and/or bi-weekly depending on your availability and needs with additional quick weekly accountability check-ins!

Sessions will be 60 minutes in-person and/or virtual.

These will include a review of what we're working on, action steps to continue to take, with additional tools, techniques and practices individualized for you.

Everything we look at and address will include both mind and body.

Again, this is a collaborative effort. YOU are an integral part of the process and decision-making. All action steps and changes we agree upon, we will do so together.

At no point are you going to feel overwhelmed.

In fact, my goal is to make this as simple and easy for you based on your personal needs, requirements, personality and lifestyle.

Everyone's journey is different, but though we take different paths up the mountain, the view at the summit will be the same.

You have but one life to live... don't just live it.


A healthy body.

A healthy mind.

Healthy relationships.

Look your best. 

FEEL your best.

What we truly seek at the end of the day is the knowledge that we are loved, accepted, that we are enough.

That we belong.

You want to feel amazing in your own skin.

You want to know you're making a difference.

You want meaning and passion in the work you do, the life you live.

You want joy.

Work with me, and I will show you how to create it all.

Special Financing Now Available To Allow You To Spread The Cost Out Over 24 - 60 Months

+ Special Scholarships Awarded Based On Need

My commitment to you is to never allow cost to be a reason you don't receive the help and support you need

Service Prices

Choose What Best Fits Your Needs

6 - 12 Month All Inclusive Program

Normally $3600

*Current Promo* 


Best Package Offer  

Comes out to $120 Per Session

*Additional Payment Plans Available*

Weekly 60 minute sessions with additional calls and accountability check ins and direct contact (text/call) access with Tom any time you need additional quick advice/support 

Includes a combination of all the services I offer individualized for your needs

Will include virtual and/or in person sessions (where applicable)

Best choice for true, lasting transformation

3 - 6 Month Program


One Time Payment

If you're just looking to get started 

Weekly/Bi-weekly 60 minute sessions plus additional calls and accountability check ins

Includes a combination of all the services I offer individualized for your needs

Will include virtual and/or in person sessions (where applicable)

It will take at least 3 months to really wire in new habits, lifestyles and changes so this is a great choice if you just need help getting started!

6 Month Mentorship & Support For Teens

(3 Months available at $1440)


Tools and techniques backed by neuroscience for dealing with stress and anxiety

General life coaching



Basic guidance on sleep, nutrition, hydration

Transformational Somatic Breathwork


Per Session

Transformational Somatic Breathwork

90 Minute session

Added coaching around specific issues, emotions and situations

Single Session Coaching

60 Minute Coaching Session

Normally $189

*Current Promo*


Per Session

One 60 minute session

Fitness - Nutrition - Mental & Emotional Health Coaching

Life - Career - Relationship Coaching

Meditation and Breathwork

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