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An ongoing series of informational entries, videos, and all kinds of content meant to help and improve health and wellness.

Our Latest Blog Entry

January 11th, 2021

Start the new year correctly by taking advantage of your brain and body's natural chemistry and rhythm to make new habits easier and more readily solidified!

Inspired by Andrew Huberman's recent podcast (highly encourage you to listen!) I wanted to share this with you as you continue to build into your day and life the habits that will move you closer to your goals and dreams.

Break your day into 3 phases: hours 0 - 8, 8 -16, and 16 - 24

Take those habits that present to you the greatest degree of resistance, and build them into the first 8 hours of your day.

That's when dopamine (the molecule of motivation), adrenaline and cortisol are highest, making you far more likely to follow through.

I DO NOT encourage you to tackle your most challenging thing FIRST thing in the morning.

In fact, do some of the easier ones so that you can build some positive momentum e.g. going for a walk to move the body and getting natural sunlight onto your skin and into your eyes (helps set your cortisol rhythm and predisposes you for a good night's sleep).

When you "complete" a task or habit (write them out and check them off as you go), your brain actually produces ADDITIONAL dopamine (meaning more motivation), predisposing you to a higher degree of success as you take on the more challenging ones.

That being said, customize this to YOUR unique life, lifestyle, & needs.

It's ok to not workout in the morning shortly after waking up if that's not when your body is most primed for it. We all have different genetic predispositions and different times of day when we're most alert, productive, efficient, creative, strong and flexible.

You can definitely wait until later in the day e.g. hours 5 to 8 if that works better for you.

That second phase is better for activities that allow for a little more down regulation e.g. reading, creative tasks, meditation, writing etc.

You want to wind down so you have a solid good third phase i.e. sleep!

When your brain consolidates and wires in everything from the day :)

Our Latest Blog Entry

January 4th, 2021

Hacking your habits! 

Here are some quick tips to make sure the habits you're forming (the things we do day in and day out that are responsible for the outcomes and goals we intend to actualize and realize) are set up in a way that will make sure you see progress!

As some of you know, by mid February, over 80% of people have already given up on their New Year's resolutions (which is a term I think we really need to do away with!).

In reality, the only things they were missing were support, accountability, and well designed blueprint and structure.

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

A) Get genuinely clear on WHAT your intentions are, and then, more importantly, the WHY behind the intentions. Your WHY is the thing that is going to keep you going and motivated even when things get challenging or you have some off days (because we're human, and we ALL do). Make sure it's big enough and MEANINGFUL enough to you.


B) Break it down into as small, bite sized chunks as possible, so small it would be silly NOT to do it. If, for example, you intend to build more fitness into your life, rather than committing to long hours at the gym (which, by the way, is NOT the ideal approach to a better and healthier physique), commit to a single push up a day, and then build on it.

C) Schedule it in! I can't stress enough the importance of making sure you alot time for everything you're looking to do.

D) Create lists and check things off as you complete them e.g. drank a glass of water, "check!"

The reason for this is that the check acts as a "reward" for following through which elicits a dopamine release in the brain. Dopamine is the motivation molecule. Triggering the release of dopamine encourages you to move forward and keep building on that momentum.

For this reason it's VERY important to reward the process (completing the acts and habits) rather than the goal.

By doing so, you wire into yourself an identity of being "someone who shows up, follows through."

This makes you FAR less likely to fall into that 80% group above.

E) Get clear on how you want to feel when you achieve your goal e.g. being more physically fit, I want to feel confident; making more money, I want to feel abundance.

The reason being, although you will continue pursuing your goals, you NEED to practice those feelings each and every single day.

Wire them into your subconscious. This way achieving the goal will actually become easier.

Start there.

Of course, if you're ready to get some individualized support, accountability, a plan and structure to follow through on, 

I'm here and ready to help you get there.

Schedule a free consult on my website or at the link below! Here's to your success 🙂

Our Latest Blog Entry

December 29th, 2021

Forget resolutions!

Let's do away with that, shall we?

I'm going to recommend something... different... for 2022.

Let's take a pause on creating "New Year's Resolutions" for just a second and think about this.

The word "resolution" connotes a number of things, one of which is a solution to a problem (finding resolutions to math equations, legal affairs etc.).

MEANING... it inherently holds that there's problems that need solving.

What our subconscious mind hears when we use words like "resolution" is "I'm broken and am in need of fixing."

Here's the problem with that.

If 95% of your day, of your LIFE, is driven by subconscious programming, and you're running the program "I'm broken"... guess what you're going to continue to create for yourself when that New Year hits?

DESPITE your best attempts, you're going to perpetuate "being broken" in whatever way that looks for you i.e. poor physical health and fitness, financial lack, lack of meaning and passion, bad relationships and so on.

Your ego and subconscious will make sure of that.


This year let's set intentions. Let's move forward on CREATIONS.

Make a list of things you want to CREATE.

Short term (few weeks). Mid-term (months). Long term (years).

And then break them down into much, much, MUCH smaller daily tasks you can start to implement (and BUILD ON later) that are realistic and doable. (e.g. doing a single push up a day vs. hitting the gym 7 days a week if you haven't gone in years)

Forget resolutions. Change the language. Change the programming. And create a new blueprint for creating the life YOU want. Health, fitness, mental and emotional wellbeing, finances, relationships, community. All of it!

If you're absolutely ready to make shifts in all these different dimensions, I am 100% READY to support you in that.

Schedule a free consult with me to see just how we can do that together 🙂

Talk soon!

Our Latest Blog Entry

December 22nd, 2021

If you're stuck in business, health, fitness, your relationships; find yourself self sabotaging; unable to move in the direction you want... know that it's NOT your fault.

The ego will always hold you back, even if you're aiming to move in a positive direction (i.e. improved health, new career, higher financial success etc.).

And it may seem counterintuitive, no? Why be held from achieving something that is desirable and health and life affirmative?

Because it's new. And new means uncertain and unpredictable. Just because the outcome sought is a good one, doesn't mean it doesn't present a very new reality with which one has to now engage with and navigate.

We always prefer the demons we know to the ones we don't.

The ego's job is actually quite simple: self preservation.

"I much rather stay in this poor, suboptimal situation and environment because it's KNOWN and FAMILIAR (i.e. I know what to expect) than to pursue a much better reality for myself since it presents unpredictable and unknown factors - at least HERE, bad as it is, I know I'm able to stay alive."

To add to that, BECAUSE it wants self preservation, and the ego's identity is wrapped up in the CURRENT reality, it much rather keep it that way, otherwise it risks "dying."

Understand this: in order to create your desired outcome, your identity has to first shift in order for you to be able to do so.

Otherwise, your ego, in maintaining its identity as it is NOW, will always sabotage your attempts at change simply because changing your external reality will imply a new identity that matches that reality, and the ego has no desire to die.

For example, if Tom is currently feeling lack and scarcity, the ego's identity is that of "poor," and he wants to create more wealth and abundance, it would imply that the wealth and abundance would create a new identity of "rich."

But that would mean "poor Tom" has to die, and THAT is what the ego will resist and subconsciously sabotage.

Tom has to first embody what wealth and abundance IS and feels like in order to be able to create it.

It's a simple analogy but can be applied to anything: health and wellness; career; love and partnership and so on.

The message is simple (though not necessarily easy): create change by implementing SMALL changes and shifts that don't overwhelm the ego, and find ways to create the feelings and sensations you wish to feel in the future with the goals you've set for yourself in your present reality.

Going back to our analogy:

Tom would have to find moments where he does feel wealthy and abundant currently, and sustain those for as long and as often as he can.

Consider your own goals and dreams, and think of how you can slowly start chipping away at them while BEING that 

person, and feeling those feelings, now. 

You'll see how much easier the path becomes :)

Our Latest Blog Entry

December 20th, 2021

Holidays are here 🙂

Here's some breathing techniques to help you get through them without the stress and overwhelm!

As joyous and fun as the holidays are, it so happens to be the case that they bring with them their fair share of stress as well.

This is true for most of life. Stress and challenges are a natural part of it.

Although we can never fully do away with them, we CAN learn to regulate our own nervous system and biology to better adapt to it all.

We CAN go from drowning in the sea of emotions to surfing the waves and flowing through with grace.

These breathing techniques are quick, easy hacks that will really help downregulate the sympathetic fight or flight state we all find ourselves in (a bit too often).

Give them a try and let me know what additional tools and practices YOU use during moments of higher stress 🙂

Our Latest Blog Entry

December 19th, 2021

This is the perfect hack to make moves and improvements on something you're working on!

This could be health related, fitness related, business related, anything.

It's one of my favorite tools: the Mind Map.

But before we get there...

Here's something I want to encourage everyone to do to make the most of it first.

Move the body.

Exercise, go for a walk.

The act of doing so actually increases activity, blood flow, and oxygenation of those parts of the brain responsible for improving your focus, creativity, and as an extension, your productivity.

Exercise in general is extremely neuroprotective and one of the absolute best things you can do not only for improving your efficiency as a leader, business owner, parent, partner, student, but overall as a human being.

Quality of life is dramatically improved. But this isn't news to us, right? But it IS something I strongly encourage doing (of course also for all the benefits it so clearly provides) prior to starting your day, prior to starting the following activity.

The Mind Map.

The purpose of this is to help you create a solid, actionable plan that you can start to implement immediately, regardless of your goals.

In the center goes the goal you've set for yourself.

In my case here I'm looking to create more value, more content, so I'm placing that at the center.

Around that, you place whatever immediately comes to mind. Whatever ideas, people. products etc.

Around THOSE, you place further extensions.

What needs to be done.

People you can contact.

Places and things where you can get additional help and support.

And keep allowing it to grow and build.

Then. Circle all the biggest movers that can move you in the right direction.

And start to break THOSE down into small, bite sized, actionable steps you can take every day.

And then... take action.

Ideas are great, but only if you can implement them.

Of course it makes a tremendous difference having someone to help you create this, guide you in it, and hold you accountable.

And that's why I do what I do, and have studied such a vast diverse set of things over the past 12 years.

We all have different goals, things we're working, working THROUGH, and that's why I've gone and researched and 

studied everything from nutrition and fitness, to habit change, neuroscience, ways to support mental and emotional health, and much more.

But I only work with those who are actually READY to take action. And to be honest, not everyone is.

But if you feel that's you, and you feel like you could use someone in your corner who's trained in all these different things to help you achieve your goals, create the body, mind and life YOU want, then schedule a free consult with me.

Let's see if we're a good match for one another 🙂

Our Latest Blog Entry

December 17th, 2021

Why working with me is different than working with most others, and why it will completely transform your life?

1. Diversity in skill and knowledge that few honestly take the time to develop

in learning about the mind and body (it's taken 12 years for me, and is ever ongoing).

2. Tremendous heart, compassion and empathy, since I've been there myself, and have had to not only save my own life, but learn to truly thrive in and optimize it.

3. My ultimate goal is to make myself obsolete. To teach you and guide you in learning all the tools and knowledge you need to be able to live and create the body, career, health, relationships, abundance and life that YOU want. I want you empowered and able to do this for yourself and eventually fire me.

Quite honestly, I'm a teacher at heart, but also a lifelong student, and just have a genuine love and passion for what I do, and will never stop diving deeper and learning more. But it's necessity as well.

I had to BECOME the person that I needed back when I was at my absolute worst in terms of my physical health and mental state and could find no person that would take the time to fully understand every aspect of my life, and have the skills and knowledge in all those different areas to not only piece together the bigger picture but give clear guidance in each area.

I've spent the past 12 years learning all I can about:

The body (fitness, movement, exercise, nutrition, circadian biology, hormones, an individualized and overall holistic lifestyle approach)

The mind (stress management, emotional regulation, diving into neuroscience, brainwave activity, breathwork, meditation, mindfulness)

And the spirit (having studied extensively all the different religions, philosophies, traditions, and associated views and practices)

Working with me, you not only create balance and health in life, you create an optimal environment, a lifestyle, with individualized tools and practices, exercise and nutrition, and you surround yourself with others that truly help you thrive in it.

Schedule a consult with me, let's help you level up in every area of your life, and create the life YOU want.

Talk soon!

Our Latest Blog Entry

December 15th, 2021

You are not broken.

If you've made an attempt to change something in your life with regards to your health, diet, exercise, career, creating an ideal relationship, partnership, but time and time again have found yourself either unable to create what you've been wanting to, or find yourself sabotaging, self destructing, procrastinating, creating a business or wealth and losing it... it's not your fault.

Your current reality is based on your current identity (not enough money, love, etc.).

You find discomfort with your current reality and make an attempt to change something and move in the direction of your desired reality (which you believe will create you a new identity).

That's great!

But... you find it an uphill struggle, and find yourself almost inevitably rebounding back to your original state.

And you try different programs, diets, coaches, self development courses, books...

And you keep working on yourself, keep trying to heal, excel...

But still... it's a challenge. And still, you muscle through it.

It's NOT your fault it's so difficult.

The self development industry, with the absolute best of intentions, has unfortunately got you caught in a self perpetuating loop of failure.

It has you consistently working on yourself with an unspoken underlying assumption that you're broken.

And because that's the case, your identity becomes enmeshed with that.


And of course, if you try to change that, your ego, which is completely wrapped up in your identity, will do everything it can, subconsciously (where 95% of our day to day is generated from), to preserve itself.

IT doesn't want to be changed, destroyed. And it will prevent you from manifesting that reality, always, reverting you to who you are, NOW.

Only in FIRST shifting your identity to match the one you see for yourself in the future, and adopting a new paradigm, a new structure, will you be able to then bring about something far more solid and lasting.

THIS is how I approach the work I do.

And if THAT'S something you'd be interested in learning more about, I invite you to schedule a free consult with me 🙂

Time to create your dream reality.

Our Latest Blog Entry

November 26th, 2021

Gratitude can literally alter the brain. Yup.

A consistent gratitude practice will change the way your brain - and therefore you! - works. It's quite the effective productivity and immune hack.

Thought this would be a great time to talk about it given that we're celebrating Thanksgiving in the states!

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy one by the way - I'm still digesting here on my end hehe

(I wanted to drop this video yesterday but in true holiday fashion, the day and all the holiday prep and cooking caught up to me!)

But enough of that, going to make this short and quick.

A consistent gratitude practice in the morning for as little as 5 minutes will result in an increase in activity in the anterior cingulate cortex, an area of the brain located towards the front. Increases here allow for more empathy and pro social behavior.

You'll also find an elevation in motivation.

Furthermore, when you engage more of the frontal lobes, you find an increased ability to focus, pay attention, improve executive functioning, decision making, and impulse control.

This same practice ALSO results in a decrease in activity in the limbic system. Fear, stress, anxiety all go down.

Not only that, it's also highly immuno protective and results in a decrease in pro inflammatory cytokines.

Not only are you happier, more sociable, more productive, alert, efficient...

BUT healthier as well.

It's a win win.

And I think we can all stand to have some more of those things in our lives, and with research showing you only need about 5 minutes to create the changes I described above, it seems wild not to reach for those benefits by starting your own daily practice.

Gratitude will truly reframe and reshape the way you perceive and engage the world around you.

What's your plan of action to incorporate more of this? 🙂

Our Latest Blog Entry

November 24th, 2021

Think that your thoughts and emotions can't effect the body?

Well, not only DO they effect the body, but it's incredible how FAST that shift can occur (highlighting just how important it is that we be mindful of what we think, feel, and believe).

When I first came across this particular study I was quite mind blown by how IMMEDIATE of a physical change the body undergoes depending on the state the individual is in.

Individuals with multiple personality disorder. One body. Multiple identities.

Now get this, if one of those personalities has an allergic reaction to peanuts, it doesn't necessarily translate over to the others, EVEN THOUGH IT'S STILL THE SAME BODY.

If that individual shifts to a different personality, they may no longer react allergically to a peanut. That personality on the other hand may be prone to getting sun burned, but another one won't.

Each individual personality, with its own thoughts, feelings and beliefs, results in very different physical expressions of genes and the proteins they code for.

The body in real time is shifting, changing, in RESPONSE to the personality that is present.

This highlights the importance of our internal programs i.e. our belief systems.

Think positive and health affirming thoughts, you set the stage for positive and healthy expressions of your DNA.

Think otherwise, you'll find yourself struggling to thrive.

BELIEVE something will be good for you (placebo effect) and it very well may be.

BELIEVE something may be harmful (nocebo effect) and yes, it very well may be.

You have to truly be mindful and aware of the state you find yourself in internally as well as the belief systems you've adopted if you're looking not only to heal and thrive, but genuinely live a life in which your entire person - your body, mind, spirit - is fully expressed.

Start paying attention to your internal world, because in a very real way, it will determine the expression and manifestation of your external, physical body and environment.

Our Latest Blog Entry

November 21, 2021

What is YOUR big domino? 

The one thing, that should you change/optimize, it will change and optimize every other part of your life.

The one thing that will improve all the other things i.e. fitness, health, career, family, relationship, performance, mental and emotional wellbeing.

When you figure out what you need to look at and address as the PRIMARY thing, THEN you break that ONE thing down into many smaller, simpler, easier steps... and start there.

For some, it's their nutrition. They shift that, and inflammation goes down, unnecessary fat melts off, their brains operate more efficiently, they perform better at school, work, they feel calmer, more centered, grounded.

For others, perhaps it's regulating their nervous system. Developing different tools and practices to support their mental and emotional health.

Others still may need to look at and address subconscious programs and patterns of behavior.

Or look at and address certain people and relationships in their lives.

We all intuitively know what that THING is. But we often need help and guidance as well as accountability in developing a plan and strategy and following through.

And that's truly where my work comes in. I study every angle and dimension of mind and body so that I can support others in all those different areas knowing perfectly well that when they show up differently as their best selves... they will naturally raise all those around them.

It's why I do what I do.

If there's any area in your life you currently need that same support in right now, and are curious to see if working with me can move you in the right direction, schedule a consult with me.

Let me show you how we can take you from where you are now, to where you want to be 🙂

Our Latest Blog Entry

November 19, 2021

What is the one thing you can do that will make EVERY other thing you do that much easier and more effective?

From fat loss to muscle building. From lowering inflammation to helping the body heal from chronic health issues.

From enjoying better relationships with loved ones to performing at higher levels with increased efficiency, productivity, and all around performance.


Learning to regulate your nervous system.

With daily habits, practices, routines, everything from journaling to a gratitude practice, to the food you eat, your sleep, to walks in nature, exercise, breathwork and meditation.

If you're looking to not only heal, but to thrive and truly optimize every dimension of your life, learning how to effectively navigate your thoughts, emotions, and to upregulate and downregulate your nervous system depending on what you're intending to do is one of the ABSOLUTE most important things we can do for ourselves, and by extension, for those around us.

Our friends, families, colleagues, employees.

Though we do it for ourselves, the world benefits just as much because of the way we then show up in it 🙂

Our Second Blog Entry

November 17, 2021

Our First Blog Entry

Why I Do What I Do

November 7, 2021

What most don't realize is that what got me started in this field are my own health challenges. I didn't get interested in it at first because I thought it'd be what I would end up doing... but because I wanted to heal.

Anxiety. Depression. Suicidal Ideation. Eating disorders. Perfectionism and complete burnout. A lifetime of illness starting the moment I came out of the womb. Body dysmorphia. Gut issues. Skin issues.

At my worst, my body completely breaking down, kidneys and liver shutting down, and dropping (a 6 foot male) from a healthy 185 pounds down to 118.

When doctors couldn't help me, putting me only on round after round of tests, not understanding the complexity of the situation or fully grasping the connection between mind and body, with the last doctor telling me I ought to try to get my weight back up by eating cheeseburgers and drinking milkshakes every night, I could only then resort to really doing the work to heal myself.

Course after course. Certification after certification. Book after book. Seminar after seminar. I accumulated and practiced many skills and tools NOT to make a career out of it, but to save my life.

But in that work, in that transformation, I found what I was called to do.

Empower others to do what I did for my own self.

Optimizing body with individualized exercise and nutrition.

Honing and strengthening mental and emotional resilience and regulation.

Addressing every imbalance, from sleep to hydration, to relationships and careers.

Doesn't matter who you are. What you do. How old you may be.

Being human is just that, being human.

And to truly thrive, you need to address EVERY facet of your life.

And that's my work, my purpose.

If it resonates with you in any way, and you want to learn more about it to see how working with me can best serve you, schedule a consult with me.

Talk to me.

Show me who you are, and what you want to become.

And I'll help you create the path for yourself and give you what you need to get there 🙂

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